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Guided by Indigenous Values

Most things in life don’t run in a straight line, including work and careers. Pathways Executive Search is a national recruitment firm uniquely qualified to support the attraction, evaluation, hiring, and onboarding of individuals for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients.

Why Pathways Executive Search?

Every day, we navigate many paths, helping remove barriers and challenges organizations and individuals face, whether looking for talent or employment. The routes we’re on may be different, but all have a similar destination: a place where talented people are paired with respectful, inclusive work environments.

One of our colleagues uses a word in her traditional Secwépemc language that reflects the rich and nuanced spirit of reciprocity: knucwentwécw-kt. In English, it means “we help one another.” This is what we do at Pathways, making recruitment and career journeys less difficult and acting as trusted advisors and champions on the path to reconciliation and inclusion.

Who We Work With

Corporate Clients

We walk with those looking to find qualified candidates and live out their organizations’ commitments to reconciliation and inclusion.

Indigenous Communities and Organizations

We support First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and organizations in culturally appropriate ways, on their search for experienced and competent candidates to meet their specific needs and requirements.


We travel alongside those looking for growth, change, and opportunities to share their skills and gifts in positions and organizations where they will thrive.

Indigenous Values in Our Work

Knucwentwécw-kt – we help one another – is embedded into the work we do at Pathways, creating purpose and meaning as we support, advocate, and make space for Indigenous peoples. And, like a ripple, it spreads.

– Katy Gottfriedson-Jasper

The teachings and traditional values that drive me professionally include self-determination, diversity, and reciprocity… these values have shown up in every leadership role I’ve ever had, from running a non-profit that was built on dozens of partnerships to forging a path for Indigenous peoples to work in the mining and energy sectors in highly skilled careers.

– Laurie Sterritt

What I do in life, personally and professionally, requires that I consider seven generations ahead. This long-view perspective ensures that I do my part to leave the world in the same, or a better place, than exists today. It also means I place the values of integrity, sharing, caring, love and reciprocity at the forefront.

– Darrin Jamieson

The traditional value of Gwekwaadziwin, or Honesty, is what guides me in all aspects of my life, encouraging me to face every situation with truth, kindness and compassion.

– Jennifer Pelletier

To practice knucwentwécw-kt for me means fostering and supporting the gifts and strengths of others; bringing kindness and love to all situations; and taking actions that bring positive change where I can.

– Katy Gottfriedson-Jasper

The traditional value of DbadendiziwinHumility – guides me in all I do, helping me never to look at myself as better than anyone else. I am committed to a life of reconciliation: advocating and making space for Indigenous peoples.

– Wenda Lee Cameron

Haudenosaunee values are rooted in sharing, and always putting the needs of the collective over my own. What we do in the present requires that we respect the past in putting our best foot forward now, for all to prosper in the future.

– Darrin Jamieson

News and Opportunities

National Indigenous Languages day

This Sunday, March 31st is National Indigenous Languages Day. Observed nationally, it’s reserved as a time to acknowledge the importance of language and culture to the well-being and resilience of Indigenous communities.

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