Driven by Values. Built on Relationships. All Done with Heart.

Pathways Executive Search is changing the face of workplace leadership, in Canada and beyond. Literally.

Collectively, we have experience leading more than 300 successful executive-search assignments since 2017 and are a national Indigenous recruitment firm uniquely qualified to support the attraction, evaluation, hiring, and onboarding of individuals for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients.

Respect and reciprocity are at the heart of what we do. At every step, we are guided by Indigenous values and principles of Indigenous inclusion, both of which also underscore our capacity to build an inclusive process for all racialized and equity-deserving professionals. We have high standards of professional practice, a clearly defined executive recruitment process and approach, and are flexible and responsive to the specific needs of our clients and candidates.

Our Services

Executive recruitment

Executive Recruitment

Fueled by increased commitments around reconciliation, the need and demand for Indigenous talent has increased dramatically. This is true across sectors, including financial services, retail, natural resources, heavy industry, academia, and the public sector. Pathways’ strong presence in these areas, in Canadian jurisdictions and beyond, combined with our reputation for delivering great talent in a highly professional manner, makes us a go-to partner for corporate clients.

At the same time, Indigenous communities—First Nations, Métis, and Inuit—are increasingly active participants in the economy, and Indigenous organizations are growing, developing, and maturing. This often means they have a need for senior executives in their organizations and business entities.

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Board Search

Indigenous Peoples in Canada have long been excluded from true participation in Canada’s capital markets because of unfair and discriminatory laws and policies. In 2022, according to the First Nations Financial Management Board, Indigenous peoples made up five percent of the Canadian population, and yet held only 17 corporate board positions (less than one percent).  In addition to being drastically underrepresented based on population, companies need Indigenous peoples and perspectives. More Indigenous decision-makers at boardroom tables can result in:

    • Better relationships with Indigenous communities;
    • Different perspectives around environmental stewardship;
    • More jobs and economic opportunities for Indigenous individuals, companies, and communities, including opportunities for procurement and owing equity.
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      Community Engagement and Consulting

      Some Pathways clients prefer deeper engagement and consultation processes with their community, partners, constituents, and interest groups as part of their executive search processes for management teams and board members. If required, Pathways creates a separate and complementary plan with clients to ensure the right information is collected and shared in appropriate ways. Sometimes this means we join our partners in knowledge sharing or learning cultural protocols. Other times, it can mean we connect on a deeper level to assist our clients to refine their strategies based on community input. In all circumstances, we forge a path toward clarity for both clients and candidates.

      Our Process

      The Pathways Process is infused with authenticity and care, every step of the way.

      We care

      about finding the right people for Indigenous communities and organizations to meet their socioeconomic and operational goals.

      We care

      about finding the right people for corporations and businesses committed to reconciliation and inclusion.

      We care

      about placing qualified people on Boards and within organizations where they will grow and thrive as leaders at the most senior levels.

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